Who am I? (I think everyone should do this.)

Hi, my name is Vicki.
The girl who gives, and expects nothing in return.
The girl who loves being the rainbow in someone else’s storm.
I’m the girl who loves with all of her heart, even when it drains me of everything I have. Who sees everything good in people, even when they don’t.
I’m the girl who fears change, yet is desperately in need of one.
The girl who listens to music for the lyrics, and if you mean something to me, I probably have many about you. I sing with all my heart when no one is listening, and dance when no one is watching. I’m the girl with 10,000 insecurities, but when I see them placed upon my daughter, I see nothing but perfection. I love butterflies, because they flutter so freely and beautiful. The kind of beauty that I could only dream of having. The human mind fascinates me, thought patterns are an amazing thing. I’m the girl who hates confrontation, and gets annoyed easily.
The girl who believes in fate, and everything that comes along with it. I’m the girl who plans ahead, constantly. The girl who can’t stand not knowing what’s coming next. I’m the girl who loves her friends to no end, yet keeps very few close. I believe in a higher power, simply because I’ve been blessed. I’m the girl who gets knocked down and fights indefinitely to get back up. The girl who daydreams constantly, and over thinks everything. I’m the girl who’s been broken, and put back together. I am strong, I am stubborn, and I am striving to be better. The girl who believes that she WILL succeed.

So tell me, who are you really? You’re actually quite extraordinarily unique when you think about yourself. Nobody else is you.

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