Edges, Tangos, and Soggy Pasta

See, there's this thing called biology...

piratesBoundaries in relationships between men and women are so critical. You  have to be consciously aware of where you end and another person starts.  You must be able to quickly identify, is this me or is it him/her?

Argentine tango is a bit spontaneous, usually men lead and women follow. When you are following you often have no idea where you are going or what  is coming next. You have to shut off your brain, feel your partner, and divine his intent. The best leaders are gentle, subtle, and to dance with  them you have to be very sensitive to their clues. I’m absolutely horrible  at it.

To solve my relationship issues, I simply married a freight train. The man is  nothing but edges. Sweet and kind, but all edges. Apparently I just don’t do subtle. Until recently I had no idea that some men have a hard time setting  boundaries…

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