Benevolent sexism?

See, there's this thing called biology...

Not far from where I live is a castle a man built for his bride long ago. A few years later, she
jumped out of the turret and killed herself. People like to say she jumped because of the nature of
Victorian times, how suffocating it was to be a woman, how oppressed women were, how hard it was for
her to adjust to her new home. Oh please! Give me a break! Nobody ever suggests that perhaps there
was just something broken inside of her that could not be filled, even by the finest chefs, the best
gardeners, and a castle of her very own.

About a mile away are these underground tunnels, often used to Shanghai sailors. Our ships had
a shortage of crew members, so you would hit the bars, select some men, whack them over the head,
drag them through the tunnels, and give them a one…

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