50 Complaints….

I mean, Being a single mom & soon to be full-time college student.. it get’s rough.
Although we love our kids we still get tired, and have a lot on our plates.
We don’t complain often, mostly because I think we feel bad if we do.
But, I’m going to complain now, you can too if you want.
You can even complain about this post.
I won’t judge you, I promise. Hehe.

1. SO much to do, SO little time.

2. Time is going WAY too fast.

3. Housework sucks.

4. my house is NEVER clean enough.

5. Every time I sit down, I sit on something.

6. My 3 year old won’t stop whining these days… -.-

7. I can never get enough sleep.

8. I’m far too stressed out.

9. I officially hate cooking. Can’t I just sleep?

10. Paper work sucks.

11. I’m 23 but I feel like I’m 75.

12. I am aging, visibly.

13. The word mom, is heard far too often.

14. I need new furniture.

15. I feel alone. Not lonely because I have plenty of spirit around me. I just feel alone in everything.

16. My head never stops. Too much to think about.

17. I’m dying for a tropical vacation.

18. There is never enough money.

19. Grocery shopping is a chore.

20. I’m always helping everyone, but no one helps me.

21. City buses are a pain in the a**.

22. I broke my phone.. AGAIN.

23. Thanks to my mom’s lack of hair brushing, I had to cut my daughters hair off. 😦

24. I’m not a fan of change, but everything is changing.

25. My cat is in heat.

26. The world we live in is a scary place these days.


28. I need to find my motivation.

29. My daughter needs to start listening.

30. Birth control is a hassle.

31. I eat too much junk.

32. I gained 10 lbs BACK.

33. There is always at least 2 loads of laundry.

34. It’s garbage day in the morning.

35. I need to clear out the clutter.

36. I have to go get tests done for school.

37. I’m easily annoyed.

38. Someone always needs something.

39. I want to go have some me time before school starts. What’s me time?

40. I need to get my car on the road.

41. I need to shower.

42. The most annoying song is on in the back ground.

43. Girls on facebook are making plans to waste their baby bonus on clubs this weekend.

44. I want to go swimming.

45. Last summer was better than this summer.

46. Relationships suck.

47. Feelings suck.

48. EVERYTHING sucks.

49. I hate being home ALL the time.

50. I need to make new friends.


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