101 Things I Learned From Being A Mom

1. You will never do EVERYTHING right.

2. Everything you know, they know.

3. You will now forever be known as “so-and-so’s” mom.

4. You will always spend more time making sure your ‘mini-you’ looks cute than making sure you do.

5. Even though you told yourself “you’ll never be that mom” you’ll end up being THAT mom.

6. If you thought ahead before, You’ll think even further ahead now.

7. Limit your photos, you’ll take far too many.

8. Go to work. Staying home is over-rated.

9. There will be days where you cry as much as your ball-of-cute. This is normal. There will also be days when you cry more than your ball-of-cute. This is also normal.

10. You will get very tired of hearing ‘MOMMMMMMM!’

11. Even when you’re feeling not-so-good, play with them. You’ll feel better instantly.

12. Time goes too fast.

13. Children change daily.

14. Do not underestimate little minds.

15. Folding clothes is a waste of time. 😉

16. “I’m smart, you’re dumb; I’m big, you’re little; I’m right, you’re wrong, and there’s nothing you can do about it.” < THIS IS NOT HOW IT WORKS.

17. Beware of which attachments you allow them to form. (Blankets, soothers, PEOPLE.)

18. Baby-talk is a terrible habit to break- for you.

19. Say goodbye to sleep. LOL

20. Anxiety? you got it!

21. Take time for yourself -even if it sounds exhausting.

22. You’re thinking for 2. Not you.

23. The small things are the important things.

24. Hand them over for the weekend. Overly attached children are a pain when daycare comes.

25. BUDGET. Everything. Always. “Those $200 shoes are sooooooo cute!!!” Okay, okay. For the first year go ahead. After that… Don’t waste your money. Things become ruined and outgrown far faster than you know.

26. Don’t pick-up messes as-you-go. DO NOT do this. Wait til they’re sleeping, and do it ONCE.

27. When your daughter learns to sing, you’ll cry.

28. Every new thing they learn, will make you want to cry.

29. Save money. All left over change should go into their piggy bank. It gathers quickly, and you’ll be happy about it.

30. Yelling doesn’t work. Try talking.

31. Find your inner-child.

32. Overprotective… no thank-you.

33. YOU need to be happy too.

34. You’ll wish you were 5 again.

35. Let them help around the house. Leah loves washing windows, floors, and sweeping.

36. Be a good role-model, but don’t be too GOOD.

37. Make them laugh. More often than not.

38. “Just try one bite, YOU MIGHT LIKE IT” will become a daily theme song.

39. “Use your words” is what you’ll say quite often when they’re whaling in your ear. –Thanks Steven.

40. Learn from old mistakes. Do not repeat them.

41. Make alot of videos. You’ll miss the day when it’s gone.

42. Get use to change. It happens often.

43. T.V is an awesome out. Just not too often.

44. Say no.

45. Teach them anything, and everything when they’re little!

46. Start a cute collection- rocks.

47. Naked children, are happy children.

48. A kiss can heal anything.

49. When you buy them new things, you’re buying a new mess.

50. GO outside!

51. If you feel good, you look good- and vice versa.

52. Spread imagination. It’s okay to feel free sometimes.

53. Never say never. (JB, I know. but ITS RELEVANT.)

54. Tell jokes often. Give your kids humor.

55. Nicknames will stick forever.

56. Forgive, even when you can’t.

57. You will end up making multiple meals for dinner.

58. Making banana bread is fun!

59. Almost every mother has had a moment where she stares at one of her children and wonders if he or she is seriously insane.

60. Wake up before the kids!!!

61. If you’re tired, they’re not.

62. Even when you’re right, you’re wrong.

63. Pizza is a great vacation destination for barbies.

64. Kitchen floors and bubble solution were made solely for slip-&-slides.

65. You like your new shirt? So do boogers. 😉

66. Cats love spilt milk. They do not however, like drowning in it.

67. It’s all fun and games until someone brushes their hair.

68. Nail polish shouldn’t exist, unless mommy decides to ‘make it’ once in a while.

69. You’ll feel alone in a room full of people- sometimes.

70. HAVE A SUPPORT SYSTEM. You’ll need it after terrible-twos.

71. Whoever invented play-dough is a MONSTER. Whoever bought the play-dough… should never be allowed in your house EVER again. LOL

72. Kick negativity far far away from you.

73. Everyone will judge you. Do it anyway.

74. Baloney is your new best friend.

75. I love you is the most frequent phrase you’ll use.

76. What is quiet?

77. The words ‘are, you and okay’ will almost always make you want to cry, when used in the same sentence.

78. Vaccinations are NOT good for you.

79. Junk food is amazing.

80. Fast food is FAST food. It’s also FAT food. (Who cares!)

81. Bath time is swim time- all year.

82. A teddy net is a fair warning that their are TOO many teddies.

83. Bedtime, is not R&R time.

84. Happy music is a must have.

85. No, will almost always mean yes.

86. 10 hours of sleep feels like 10 minutes of sleep.

87. Make mommy friends.

88. The best nights are spent in silence, with good ice cream and no bra.

89. Let your child choose what they believe in.

90. Some kids enjoy watching The Walking Dead.

91. Keep a diary, you’ll enjoy reading it over in 20 years.

92. Write letters to your kids to open on important future dates.

93. Educate yourself, indefinitely.

94. Teach them to earn things.

95. Children LOVE dogs.

96. and chocolate.

97. If it says ages 5 & up, your 3 year old will love it.

98. Socks are for carrying money – and hitting people. -.-

99. Smart children are bossy children. 😉

100. Keep chocolate in your nightstand.

101. You’re doing better than you think you are.

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